Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jewelry Haul

I have not written for so long. Lately, I was busy learning…yes, learning how to thrift on jewelry haul. I was wearing the Avon breast cancer shoe necklace yesterday when Mr.B complaint that I should not wear cheap jewelry. I like this necklace. The pink color looks so cute. It surely does look cheap. That is the idea. Thrift haul…I didn’t tell him where I bought this piece. If he knows, there will be another hour of “insect” and “germ” lecture by Mr.B, the guy without the M.D. license.

Let’s turn back in time…about a month ago; a good friend at work gave me a beautiful vintage flower brooch. The brooch was made from porcelain by the company name Staffordshire of England and was dated way back in the 1940s maybe. The flower is still intact and quite heavy but wearable. I could use it as a pin to the collar of my blouse, or as a decoration on my winter hat or on my winter scarf. The pin is adorable. I love it.

Since then, I have interest in learning about thrift haul. My first thrift jewelry shopping is at the flea market near to my house. For the past several years, during the spring and summer, every Sunday before I start working in the garden, I will visit the flea market. I usually do not buy much unless I need the item. One day, I’ve found a nice necklace made from moonlight blue beads in silver tone. It cost me only $1. I am wearing it as a bracelet because the length of the necklace is too short for me. I fell in love with this bracelet. When I bought it, there was tarnish on the jewelry. I use toothpaste to rub it off and the bracelet looks shining ever since. I love it!

After that, there was a good cause flea sale that I went to. I found some pieces of jewelry which cost only $0.50 a piece. Yes, fifty cents for each item…no kidding! I bought a beautiful 2 elephant character with rhinestones pins, and 5 necklaces. I love them. One of the items is a vintage piece with “VJ” signature on the clasp. 2 necklaces are from Avon collection and another 2 pieces are the 1928 brand. I love…love…them…

Mr.B doesn’t like me to go to the thrift store. For so many years, I haven’t step my foot in those stores. He said that he might have to fumigate the house if I brought home unwanted insect that attached to the items I bought from that store. Instead of me trying to save money by buying items at a cheaper price, now he has to spend more money for the professional pest control. Oh! Well! At one time he said that I am a poor woman. So, when I start doing a thrift haul, he said I am going to cost him more...I am terribly confuse…

Speaking of pest control, I found a big gap at the bottom of the plastic bag to my pancake flour. The mice got it! Yes, he chewed all the way through the plastic bag. We went to the store and bought 3 big containers to store our cereal and a whole bunch of mouse trap. I hope we will catch that rascal.

Besides busy learning about thrift shopping, I was busy preparing for the Halloween luncheon hosted for a good cause. All proceeds will go to the needy. The program was a huge success. We received so many compliments and everyone enjoyed. The foods we sell are simple food cooked by the committee members such as mac & cheese, hot dog, and bbq chicken sandwich. There are games like pin the nose pumpkin, Halloween trivia and throw the hoop to the post. There are also raffle tickets for baked items and fresh apples. The prices are reasonable and the most important thing is that everyone participates and has fun while giving generously to the needy.

Mr. Big was having fun putting the ghost make up on my face for the Halloween luncheon. He sprayed and sprinkled my hair with baby powder to make it look scary…like I was just awakened from the grave. I was hoping that he would cover my face with white powder evenly; instead he just drew lines all over it. Oh! Well…it was scary that I scared some of the kids when they came to the house for trick or treat. I didn’t get lots of kids coming for candy at the house this year since the weather was wet. The highlights for this year trick or treat was, a one year old girl riding on a real pony.
The weather is getting colder. The morning temperature always dropped to below freezing...between 30 to 39 degree F. I was looking for my outfit for the Halloween party the other day and found a container of some of my winter clothing. They have been in the garage for so long that the clothes have musky and plastic smell. I had to wash them before I can put it on.

This cold and breezy day mark the end of the growing season in the garden when all the leaves are yellowing and dropping to the ground. I have surrendered the garden passes to the center last week. Now is the time to start pick up some winter arts and crafts activities. I am doing the vintage collection first then maybe I will tackle sewing dresses again. I found this one video on youtube which talk about how to transform the granny dress. I cannot wait to start. My first project is to cover the tear on my scarf. The scarf was inherited from my late mother. I love the color and the fabric, but due to wear and tear, there are some holes on the scarf. I am thinking of covering the hole with some nice flowers. I think it will look awesome. Stay tuned…

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