Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Mr. Big was making a joke this morning when he said that I cannot go out shopping because I am not black...what? Yes, he is very frugal . Anyway, I spent my day today updating the anti virus program in all of my devices. I let the program ran on my pc and my two other laptops. I hardly use them lately, it is time to update the software. While I am backing up my iphone, I thought I would write something for my dearest reader.

The picture above is the brooch I love so much. I bought this brooch from Avon many years ago. Probably sometimes around year 2004, maybe.
I have talked about the brooch below in my previous post.

My co-worker gave me this vintage brooch. The brooch is very delicate. I pin it to my winter hat and it looks so exquisite.

The brooch was made in England.
My black Friday shopping was just these two pair of boots.

They are meant to be used daily. My old pair of boots is to trash. The sole had holes in it.

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