Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Welcome to the year 2020. I am very excited to finally be part of the beginning of a new decades. A lot of experiences I have gained over the year and a lot more I am expecting for the year to come. As my age is adding another digit, I am feeling more humble, blessed and positive. About 2 years ago, there was a change at work and it was not a good change. The change was sending me a negative vibes, it was able to bring out the negative in me for a brief period, luckily I always my other half who always giving me inspiration and keep reminding me to let it go. Just like in the song in Frozen the movie…I slowly learned how to let go.

Two things I did to let the negative energy to go far away from my life…the first one is to channel my mind to Korean pop songs. It worked like a charmed. My favorite k=pop group is the led apple with their lead singer, Hanbyul. He has an awesome voice, great guitarist and their music was just soothing to my ears. I keep listening to their songs over and over. Thank you so much for the Wi-Fi and YouTube. I can listen to the music from my iPhone.

The second thing I did besides listening to k=pop music is to learn how to do makeup. Yes, I spent several hundreds of dollars just to try out different palettes, foundations, and skincare. The last thing that I add into my face routine are the brushes and beauty blender. Boy, it was fun. The beauty blender can be quite pricy but thank you to the Christmas sales. I am now own 2 beauty blenders and about 20 makeup brushes. I started with the mascara and eye shadows. Trying to perfect it with the right colors and the right products. After the eyes area, now I am into finding the right foundations to cover all the imperfections on my face. It was fun.

I am hoping the year 2020 will continue to give me more health, wealth and happiness. As long as the internet is easy to get and more people sharing their life stories on YouTube, and more products with glitters and sequins, I think I will be ok.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Lost at beauty shop

Today was the second time I shopped at a beauty store. I went alone thinking I could handle it. I was looking for a mascara and some face wash. That was fair and easy. The first time I went into this beauty store was with my niece about a year ago and she happened to know more than I do on makeup. Little that I know going in the beauty shop by myself was not a good idea. I was lost. Yes, I could not make out my mind on which brand to choose from. I do not want to simply buy any brand or trying a new product since the price are pricy. I walked around in the store and read all the labels on the products, especially the brand that I am not familiar with. I circled twice. I certainly do not want products that has lots of unknown chemicals. No products with bad smells. Finally, I bought the items that I am familiar with and actually I do not have to go to this beauty shop to get them. What a bummer. I could get the items from the regular drugstore. What a day.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Welcome 2019

Welcome 2019. A little 7 months too late actually. But as people say, better late than never. I have been busy working in the garden. The tomatoes and peppers are growing beautifully as well as the weeds. I have been pulling off the weeds every day. The mint leaves are growing wildly and I have been using them in my drink. When the weather is as hot as 90 degree F, a dash of lemon and mix it with the mint leaves…cooling. Some of the red cabbage lost their heads. They have been eaten by the bugs. It was my fault for not treating them at this stage. But others are forming nicely.

Pea plants are done growing. The weather is too hot for them to produce any flowers and pea pods. I had an abundance yields this year. The 3-weeks neglected didn’t harm them at all. The peas are as big as my thumb. The next thing to do is to start the green beans. The first batch of string beans has been harvested together with the fenugreek.


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