Sunday, November 06, 2016

November month...

This website is really having cobwebs written all over it. The last time I wrote was in June. Imagine that. Well, I am back on writing. I guess when I have to write my school reports, might as well I write to my readers. The last class was interesting. I learned how to identify people’s behavior, how to bring different personalities into consensus, so on and so forth. The techniques are not hard to implement but the success rate might be low. It is all depend on how other people’s perspective, upbringing, life styles, etc. I was at a Cancer Institute program yesterday. The talk for the day was on colon cancer. It is very important to pick the diet. Some food might not look harmful but may create another genetic mutation that could lead to poisonous and lethal viruses. Exercise is very important and can help the food processing efficiently and healthily in the stomach. Lastly, the key point is to go for doctor’s checkup. This month is Thanksgiving month and I am looking forward to the good food and good family gathering.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Blessed Ramadan

Have a blessed Fasting month!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Spring has Sprung

The weather is still cold but the garden is open for another season of growing. I brought my toolbox over to the garden. But I have yet to find the time to set up the fences and to sow the seeds. The peas must go in the garden first among the lettuces and radishes. I have also started some seeds indoor like tomato, tomatillo, ground cherry tomato and cucamelon. They are too young to go into the garden. Once the soil temperature reaching up to 60 degrees F I can transplant them outside. By then the green beans and cucumbers can go into the soil.

I had a good time harvesting lots of cucumber last year. I am planning to use the same method this year. Last year, I grow lots of cucumber seeds and I let them rambling on the ground. The cucumbers are abundance and they are very juicy and sweet. I cannot wait to see what happen this time in the garden. My hours in the garden might be lesser but I think I can managed.

I hope I get lots of rain this season. It is difficult to water the plants everyday. The garden area is 30 by 60 foot. I had to use the pump and it usually take up to an hour to water all the plants.

I will deeply thinking of you Grandma when I am in the garden raking and hoeing the soil. May you rest in peace.


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