Friday, October 04, 2013

Wishing for a Christmas Cake

“Aren’t we going to a retirement party afterwards?” Mr. Big asked this morning as I came out from the car. “Yes, we are. Why? ”, I replied.
 “You dress up like that?” He asked. 
“Yes, why not”, I replied.
“Why are you wearing jeans? He asked.
 “But my top is nice.” I said.
 “Yes, but wearing jeans? You better change.” He said.

 Mr Big is very particular about my look, especially if I have to attend a function. I don’t mind him commenting on my outfit. I own lots of nice dresses anyway. I thought I could be casual this evening for a retirement party. My coworker, whose retirement we are celebrating tonight has been working in the office for 42 years. It is amazing to see someone very dedicated to her job for that long. She advised me to just go with the flow, be good, and truthful. I am going to miss her. She is my muse. I could share my problem and she will ease my mind with her wisdom. The menu for tonight’s party is crab cake. Emm…I cannot wait to dine with good people.

 The neighbor gardeners have tilled their soil in preparation for the winter and next year growing. My garden is still covered with lots of weeds. Maybe this Sunday I could go and till my plot. I wish I could do it tomorrow but I will be at the Travel Show program. I have no clue of the details for this program. I am guessing that they want to sell some vacation package or they want to buy my campground membership. Either way, it would be nice to do something different for a change.

 The other day, I was reading on one of the gardener’s blog, “Claire’s allotment”, and she is talking about preparing a Christmas cake. Emmm…that sounds yummy. She is using a good quality brandy. She said she will feed the cake with 1 tablespoon of brandy each week up until Christmas. I haven’t discussed with Mr. Big on this. It will be my biggest challenge in my cooking experience if I do. One, I am not good at selecting brandy, vodka, rum or anything of those sort for a delicate cake like this. Second, I don’t think Mr. Big will like the fruit cake idea. He always makes a disgusting remark when mentioning the “fruit cake”. I went on google and found one Christmas cake recipe using lemon cake. That recipe sounds like a better cake to try. 

The peach season is done and now comes the apples in the market. I love those delicious sweet or tart apples varieties. I can make pies, fritters, cake or just eat it as it is. I can add some chopped nuts to the apple salad too, wow! Delicious… As I have mentioned in the past, I have never been to pick your own orchard and fruit farm. Honey’s idea of an apple picking is to drop me off at the plantation and pick me up after the working hours are over. He said I can join those in the buggy picking apples for some dollars. I think honey is just cheap…syyy…don’t get me started on that. So, I get my fresh apples from the farmer’s market. Luckily the farmer’s market is just 5 minute drive. They sell all varieties of apples. Speaking of apples, now I am hungry for some apple crumbs.

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