Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clean up in the garden

Finally, the heat wave had passed. I was able to clean up the garden today. However, I did start as early as  at 6 am. By 10 am I had to stop. The sun started to hurt me. Ramadan is here this month and today is Day 12. I thought I will not be able to fast due to long hours this summer. But my body says otherwise. Fasting all day has been very smooth. I ate oat meal for early breakfast and so far that is the only food soothing to my tummy.
I am so happy that the cucumber I am growing is not bitter. They are sweet. I surely do not remember the type of these cucumbers. The round ball zucchini is delicious. Each plant do not seems to produce a lot of zucchini. But I surely will grow this zucchini again next year. The big yellow tomato has only one that is ripe. The rest are still green.
 I love home grown cooked edamame. Some people call it soy bean. All I did was just boiled them in salt water. They are delicious!
 I have harvested and removed the plant of my edamame. I have about one full of the grocery plastic bag.
 I also harvested some red onion. I love pickled red onion. They are delicious when eat with murtabak. I also harvested the rest of the beans. I will use this beans in my soup. The pea plants are done too. I removed the fences and pulled out the plants. It was really a lot of work to finish before the sun started to heat the earth. In the picture above is also the ground cherry. They are growing like crazy. I picked all of the fruits that are ripe and fell on the ground. They are very sweet. I could eat them all. But I thought I should share them with one of my co worker since I know that she loves this cherries.
 Above is a picture of the cooked edamame/soy bean. The beans are very sweet and buttery. I seasoned the boiling water with some salt. This will enhanced the flavor of the edamame.
 I have packed the sweet 100 and the yellow cherry tomato mixed in a smaller zip loc bag. I will share these tomato with my co workers.
Harvesting the tomato was the toughest job ever. I am growing about 10 plants and most of the tomato ripe almost at the same time. These past few weeks I could not go to the garden at all due to heat wave. Until yesterday, when we received a good quick splash of rain water, I am able to clean up and pulled out the weeds easily from the wet ground today. Before working on the peas, I started with this cherry tomato. I used shear to cut the branches off. This way, the trimming will allow me to move around the plants easily.

After cleaning all of the harvest and keeping them in the refrigerator, I am going to continue working on my second raya dress...

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