Monday, March 25, 2013

Sprouting seeds indoors.

Seeing snow on the ground at the end of march is normal in my neighborhood. But it never stop me from sprouting the vegetable seeds indoors. This time I am using any containers I can find in the house. I am using some empty 2 litres soda bottles, yogurt cups and plastic jars or containers for peanuts or cashews. So far I have sprouted the sugar baby watermelon, okra, tomato all varieties,  spinach, zucchini, bunching onion, chives, head lettuces, asparagus peas and eggplants. I am excited to see them growing.
Besides sprouting the vegetables that are eventually going into the garden, I am also sprouting the mung bean sprout(taugeh) and the fenugreek (halba) in a glass jar. 
I will update later of the progress, so stay tuned....

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