Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Time Soon

Fall was over and soon winter will be out of sight. And… here come the spring… I just love spring time. The air is fresh; the birds singing happily, daffodils and tulips blooming beautifully. Heavy winter coats are tucked away and so goes the snow blower into the back of the garage. The hoe, spade, rake and lawn mower will take their places up front. The garden tiller machine need tune up and ready to work in the garden.  Vegetable seeds have been ordered and arrived to the house weeks ago. They are sorted according to the time of their planting. Tomato, eggplant and butter head lettuce have been sprouted indoor and waiting for the ground to be ready.
I have been busy for the past few weeks watching on youtube how to grow vegetables. Although I have been gardening more than a decade, it never stops me from learning new techniques to yield better crops. Two videos interest me more than others are the “Fork to fork” and “How to be a gardener”. The mail carrier man gave me a brochure about gardening workshop housed by PS University. I was able to join one of the workshops and it cost so little, just $7 per workshop. The Giant center near my area also housed a workshop on gardening for free. I went to the program and learned more.
Last year, I grew a fig tree in a pot. The plant is securely under the warmth of a burlap clothes and tucked away under the porch where the severe winter frost can get to the plant at minimum. I have yet to remove the burlap cover since the temperature can get to below freezing at times. If this plant survives the winter, I will transplant it into a bigger pot. I am planning to invest on the Earthbox pot for this tree. For some reason, after battling over discouragement from Mr. Big over a decade on my gardening madness, things suddenly just changed. He reminds me if I forgot to order the seeds. He bought a soaker hose and planters which way too expensive for a novice gardener.
A friend gave me loads of old newspapers and they should be enough to cover the whole 30 by 60 foot area. I like to use the newspapers to curb the weeds from invading the ground. This way, I can work less hours weeding during the summer time when the sun is too hot for me to work outside.
Happy gardening and enjoy your spring time soon.

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