Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kitchen Gardening...for now

Early spring is the time to start sowing seeds. Since I do not have the ground workable yet, I have to start my plants indoors. I am spending some dollars on seeds I bought from the store or online.
Above are some seeds I received from my online shopping. I have a giant kohlrabi, turnip, rutabaga, malaysian eggplant, winged bean, ground cherry tomato, sunflower, and radish.
When sprouting the seeds, I am using any container I can find around my house. The yogurt cups are perfect to use for starting the seeds. I am using a good quality seed starter soil.

Egg carton is also useful and can be used to germinate the bunching onions.

The egg carton can also be used to start the tomato seeds.

I am sprouting the radishes in an empty container. I cover the top with a plastic wrap and remove the cover once the seeds have sprouted.
The best container to use is the empty jar for the mixed nuts. The container creates a nice warm environment like terrarium for the new seedlings.

Once a while I will open the jar to let the air out and fresh air in. Above is the Asian purple radish. This is my first time growing this vegetables. I find this method is faster. In just less than a week, the seeds have sprouted and have grown this big.

The bak choy is growing nicely too.

The kafir lime is growing in a nice terrarium made from an empty soda bottle. This plant perk up as soon as I cover it with the empty soda bottle.

Above is the bloomsdale spinach. I have just harvested some of the outer leaves and they are so sweet. I am going to keep this plants in my kitchen and keep harvesting the leaves.
I have transplanted some of the young head lettuces into individual pots. They are young and thriving.

I also bought some chives from the store when they are on sale. I keep snipping the tops and sprinkle them in my cooking.
More tomato seedlings growing in a commercial mini greenhouse. I have sprouted some watermelon, okra, luffa, basil and chives which are not shown here.
I am hoping the ground will get warm soon and I can grow these plants outside.

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