Friday, October 19, 2012

Vacation to Remember - Part Une

The weather has changed. The leaves are falling to the ground. The night air is very cold. Yet, I did not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a week and a half at my sister's house. I had a flu shot before I left the country. But somehow, I am coming back with a cold. Travelling in a small confined plane could have caused it or the trip I took in the train to Paris. I really enjoyed every single moment I spent with my family. There is no Mr. Big to spoil my vacation. He tried though over the phone and kept calling me the nanny. But that did not bother me at all. I know that he was jealous because he was home alone.
My sister got for us a hotel room just within 2 minutes walk to the Eiffel tower. I was hoping for a balcony with the Eiffel view but did not get it. It was raining the night we arrived in Paris. But we were equipped with our umbrella. So, we enjoyed our dinner at a nearby restaurant. Food choices are limited to us. My family do not eat non halal meat. So, I ordered for them fish and chips. That worked well.
I have never seen a beetroot as big as my face before. My sister is growing some gigantic beetroots. The biggest beet root was the sweetest. The smaller one are bland. There was hardly any taste to it. I roasted the beetroot and enjoyed it just as such and I also made some pickled eggs. They are delicious.
My cousin was amazed at the size of the garlic cloves my sister is growing in her garden. I have never seen as big as this garlic before. It is all thanks to the horse manure and homemade compost she used in her soil.
This miniature pumpkins are so pretty for decoration. I did roast some of them and they are very tasty. They taste like sweet potato. I also cooked them in some coconut gravy. Delicious!
The cold weather seems not to bother these duckies. They are swimming happily in the pond.
My niece is very talented. She loves crocheting. She also made the pretty hat she had on using the round crochet tool. I taught her how to make the pom pom too. My nephew on the other hand prefers to play with his ipod. He is an ipad fan. He could spent hours after hours playing the kids game on that machine.
My sister is enjoying her new bundle of joy. The baby is adorable. Daniella love warm water. It was easy to bath and to wash her. She will scream if her feet is touching the cold sink or cold water. She is smart and did not give us any hard time at all. We all enjoyed our dinner without any disturbance from her. All she does was sleep and sleep. I am missing her already.
My vacation at my sister's house was very short. But, I enjoyed every moment of it. I came back with tons of salwa fabric from the Indian town in London, my favorite brand of soy sauce and lots of english cookies. I tried to limit my suitcase's weight to 50lbs. The second suitcase will cost me $100 which I do not plan to pay. Thanks to my sister and her famiy for their hospitality. I hope we will see each other again next year at mom's house on Eid.

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