Friday, October 19, 2012

Vacation to Remember - Part Deux

I don't know why it is expensive to board on a plane nowadays. The airline is charging the second suitcase around $60 to $100. Plus, the food has been cutting down too. I did not get any peanuts or drinks without paying extra flying from my house to the nearest international airport. There are some airline that will charge the ear phones for $5. Luckily I brought with me my own ear phones. This airline I was boarded on did not charge for the earphones. The choices of movies available are not bad at all. Over all, I was happy with the total of 11 hours journey. The actual flight was actually about 7 hours to get to England. But the layover is adding the rest of the hours.
Coming back on weekdays was the best trip ever. There are not many passengers on board. Although I was given a smaller plane but the seat was comfy. I had the whole row to myself and can stretch out. The food was not bad. The only gift I bought from Paris was a simple tote bag with Eiffel tower embroidered to the fabric.
I have set my mind to shop for some indian fabric from the indian town near London. I was lucky for that weekend the shops are having a sale. Each set cost about $20. The glitters and embroidery on the fabric are perfect for eid celebration. I was gone crazy trying to choose the fabric. There are so many choices of the colors. They are all beautiful. In Malay we say "Rambang mata".
The shop's owner was giving a good advice that is to buy 2 sets of the fabric if the person is big. This will ensure that the glittering part of the fabric is enough for that person. I am not worry about the material because I always could mix and match the fabric. Plus, I like to sew them into a simple tunic which doesn't need lots of fabric.
There is a store going on closeout. All items are on sale including these bags. Again, I was "rambang mata". But I know I could not shop much because I do not want to pay the exra $100.
I love the dots and I did not pass up getting this beautiful LeeCouper computer bag.
This LeeCouper red lunch bag is to die for. I like the simple design. I can just use it as a regular beg.
Last but not least, I must have this polka dots hat.

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