Friday, April 27, 2012

Weird But A Good Start

I finally have some times to spend in the garden. The weather has been very nice these past two days compared to the cold and wet days in the past. This is weird, having fall/winter like weather in late April. Sometimes, the weather was so cold that it felt like freezing rain. Actually, I like this weather better although it is not so good for warm crops like tomatoes and peppers..

I have bought some hot pepper plants and tomato plants from HD but they are still sitting in my kitchen. The weather is too cold for them. The cold crops like peas, beets, radish, turnips and fennel are doing so well in the garden instead.
The garden. I worked more than 2 hours in the garden today to lay down the newspaper near the onions and peas. Mulching the row with newspapers or grass clippings has given me a better crops. This time I am growing the vegetables on the 30 feet row. I find that the shorter the row is, the faster I could work in between them. I also add some crushed egg shells into the soil. If I have some used coffee ground, I will mix it in the soil too. In the picture above, next to the row of onion, to the right is a row of lettuce. But the lettuce is not growing too well. They are scattered all over. I am going to give them a few more days to grow before I till the row.
They are tiny but are growing stronger. Above is my row of kohlrabi. I am happy to see them growing beautifully. This plant love cold temperature. I hope it will give me a good bulb this time. As you can see, I try to mark my row better this time. Instead of writing on the Popsicle or tongue presser with a marker, I print the name of the plant and cover it with tape.
Above is a picture of the fennel. The young plants look like a grass. Fennel is easy to grow. I like to dry the seeds and keep them.
Above is a picture of my sugar snap peas. I have laid the newspapers in between the row. This way, I do not have to weed as much.
I will lay down more newspaper in between rows when I get the chance. Above is a picture of my radish. They are growing wild this time. I hope They will form a bulb. If the weather remain nice, cold and breezy like today, they will flourish.
The weatherman is calling for another rainy day tomorrow. If it didn't rain, I will spend some times at the garden. Above is my rows of turnips. These rows are the mark to the end of my plot. The neighbor gardener   has set up some poles(white poles) but they are crooked as you can see in the picture above. My turnip's row is a bit crooked too but much better than the neighbor's poles. This year I did not set any string to mark my plot. I decided to let the row of onion and rows of turnips as the fence.
There are 3 gardeners working in their plot today. The whole time I was working in my plot, I can hear the woman's voice. I do not understand her language. The two men with her are doing their work quietly. I hope my plants are not disturbed.

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