Friday, March 09, 2012

2012 Growing Season

Gardening 2012.
Again, it is time of the year for another bountiful growing season in zone 6. I received the garden passes last wednesday. I am renting the same location of 30 by 60 feet of the plot from the county's garden center. As always, the garden center gave me 4 sets of vegetable seed packets. There are carrot, cucumber, green bean, beet, lettuce, zucchini, pea, and radish in each bag.

I took out my old seeds bag from the garage and start sorting the seed packets alphabetically.

I make the list of seeds that I need to buy from the store.  I also start drawing the garden layout for 2012. I decided to grow on the 30 feet row this time. That means I will grow from east to west intead of from north to south. I will also build a tiny hill or mount for the zucchini. I find this method could yield more zucchinis.

I will keep the same format of the companion for each plant. For example, herbs and tomato will grow next to each other. Basil will definitely grow between the tomato plants. It might enhance the taste of the tomato.

My time working in the garden will be limited this year but I will make sure that I have Sunday to cover the left off work. I will pray for lots of rain this summer. And I will use the old newspaper or grass clippings as ground cover.


ICook4Fun said...

I pun nak start planting. Today the garderner is coming to fill up the fountain hole and I can start planting my herbs. Not going to plant anything else as the produce here are so cheap :)

Zue Murphy said...

Gertrude, I agree that we should grow vegetable that is not so cheap to buy at the store. I cannot wait to see your back yard transformation. Do share some pictures ok. Happy planting!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

That sounds like good organizing! How nice when they produce the bounty. Good luck.


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