Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gardening in May

Saturday was a busy day for me. In fact I was busy on Friday too. I went to the garden and did some weeding. After working at the garden, I headed to the camp ground. The weather was super hot that day that the house feels like oven. It was much cooler at the camp ground.

I haven’t updated this blog because my pc at home went dead. I am pretty sure it was the hardware problem. It cost me $69 just to let the computer guy tightened the screw in the motherboard. I couldn’t use it yet until I update the antivirus protection. I am having the same problem with my tiny aspire one laptop. The laptop will not boot. It was missing a dal file. I took it to the Mr. Repairman and now it is working. And yet, I need to update the antivirus. In the meantime, I was busy working in the garden. I had a few complaints to the garden center on territorial issue. I feel like a small kid running to the mother for some bullies. Mr. Big Guy insist on calling the cops. I hope the problem will be solved without involving the state officer. There are lots of interesting stories in the reader’s digest of June 2012 issue. I particularly like the outrageous law that people came up with. It was worth reading them. They may sound stupid to one but others find them to their advantage. Mupy’s niece graduated from college last week. It was very nice that she doesn’t owe anything after finishing school. The college tuition is said to have gone up again. Some graduates came out with lots of debt on their shoulder. Anyway, let’s talk about my vegetables that I grow in the garden this year.
The sweet onions are doing very well. It was a rough start for these onions. I almost gave up on them. Next year I am going to grow onions from the sets only. The bunching type was late to bloom.

Stay tuned for my next post...

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