Sunday, December 18, 2011

Soap Opera...

I have been busy watching a malay drama Cinta Elysa. The show has ended last Tuesday and the finale was really nice. It was a happy ending that leave a smile on my face. Fasha Sandha, the lead actress for the show never disappointing me. I love her acting in all of her movies. Aril aka Botak is a new actor that make the cut into my favorite actors list. His act in Cinta Elysa was really good. He managed to focus as “samseng” (thug) from the beginning until the end of the show. I also like his act in his new drama “tasbih putih”. Johan As’ari looks so angelic in that movie. Once again, he is nailing his role in “Terowong – Kain kapan”.

Besides busy watching drama and movies, I am also busy going out for Christmas gifts. I don’t know what I should get for the loved one. He has everything and very fussy with things. He doesn’t like socks with band…he already has hundreds of dress shirts, hundreds of sweaters, he doesn’t like perfumes, and so on…I ended up buying more clothes for myself just to make my trips to the store worthwhile.

We received some flurries last night but it didn’t stick on the ground. Honey and I have not dined at McDonald for a very long time until last night. There was a promotion for Mc Flurry Coffee or something that dragging us into the fast food restaurant. And because of the caffeine, I could not sleep until 5 am in the morning.

I have not been cooking any new recipe lately. I apologize for that to all my readers. Every day I serve the same simple menu like fried chicken, tomato and basil soup, fried fish or hamburger for dinner. I have lost my appetite to indulge. I am going to go under the knife in January and the thought is stressing me a little. An annoying person at work is adding to the pressure too.

I bought ready to cook chicken meatballs and fruits salad to share with co-workers at the office Christmas party. I hope everyone will enjoy the meatballs and the fruits.

Please enjoy your weekend... hopefully year 2012 will be better for me to write.

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rapheydhillo said...

lama tak jenguk sini.. k.zu nak kena operate ye? for what ye?
hope everything will be fine.


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