Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I woke up on Christmas day and went straight to the kitchen to cook breakfast for the two of us. Honey asked if I see the presents Santa brought for us. I told him that there will be no present for him this year. During the Christmas sale, I was not allowed to go out shopping by myself. Plus, I know honey love to shop present for himself.
Santa gave each of us a new phone this year. Mupy tricked me when he packed an old blackberry in the box. I said I don't want any used BB. He told me to look under the table, maybe Santa has dropped the present, he said. I found another present underneath the table. It was my new iphone. Yes, it is about time for me to upgrade my pearl bb to iphone. I spent the whole night transfering all of my data from the blackberry to the iphone. Thanks to Jrr. for suggesting google account to transfer the calendar smoothly when outlook 2003 didn't work on me. I used outlook for the contacts and notes and the data transfered correctly. Unfortunately, I cannot transfer the password keeper to iphone. I have to manually enter the information into the new phone. Honey stays loyal to blackberry. He received a new BB torch.

I am looking forward to a positive and successful new year. My new year resolutions for year 2012 are no different than what I have planned and achieved for 2011. I need to keep my physical health checked. I have just started seeing a few strands of gray hairs and some balding spot on my head. But I cannot think about it too much. I am just going to enjoy my life as I should.

Happy new year to all my readers!


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