Sunday, November 06, 2011

Aidil Adha...

The Aidil Adha celebration was successfully held at the Sports Center near my neighborhood. I was waiting for the bus at the grocery store parking lot as early as at 7:50 Am. By 8:10 Am the bus came to take me and the other 4 people to the prayer hall. The weather was cold but it was not cold enough for me to exhale cold air. I am glad I did not park the car near the center. The parking area was small. It was packed.
The prayer went well. I like the spacious prayer hall. The coordinator kept announcing to the ladies area to quiet the children. He thought oters cannot hear his speech. I could hear him clearly over the loud speaker and the screaming kids, they did not bother me at all.
After the prayer, I went home to my rice and fried salty fish. I didn’t get the chance to cook any special meal for the celebration this time. I only ate some cookies and bakso at one open house. I didn’t go to any other houses after that.
On Saturday, I was at the breast cancer coalition conference. My MIL and my SIL were there too along with Mupy’s niece and her son. We occupied the whole table. As usual, the food was great except for the raw carrots and raw string beans. I am not used to the taste. We were laughing over the white sauce vegetable lasagna and the apricot black pepper chicken. I have tried to make Mupy eat the white sauce lasagna I cook. But he will not budge. His lips are sealed. I have to make sure to use the tomato sauce for the lasagna.
The city mayor gave the opening speech for the event. My favorite cancer doctor, Dr. Harvey was there too as one of the speaker.

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