Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Clearing

I went to the garden to clean up everything that the storm had left. The weeds are tall. Luckily the soil is soft. I could easily pull out the weeds. I only see onions and some cherry tomatoes for me to take home.
I pulled out some of the onions.  I still have more than 200 onions in the ground. I plan to harvest them later.
I didn't bring a camera to take picture of the garden. I took home the fences I used for the peas and tomatoes. I still have a few more fences and tomato cage in the garden. Cleaning the garden for 2 hours starting to hurt my back. I need to keep some energy to repot and bring inside the herbs in front of my house.
The curry leaves plant is growing nicely in my kitchen. I didn't take this plant outside the whole summer. Looks like I am having a lot of babies shooting from the bottom of the plant. I always cut the bottom part of the leaves and freeze them. I wonder if that method is helping the plant to channel it's energy to propagate.
It is time to repot and bring the herbs inside. In the picture above, I have turmeric and red ginger.
I have not eaten or use any of these herbs yet. They are growing slowly during the summer. I am sure these plants will not thriving in the snow. I don't want to lose them and since the weather is very nice today, I decided that it is time to clean them and bring them inside.
This plant is great. I thought this was ginger, but when I look at the root, it is the Temulawak. The plants are growing beautifully.
Above picture is my ginger plant. This is how big they grow since May of this year. I hope they will grow happily in my kitchen during cold winter days. In the past, I couldn't grow the turmeric past winter in my kitchen. This is a new challenge fo me.


ICook4Fun said...

Zue, I just saw dua anak pokok came out of my curry plant. Very excited!!

.. said...

i think it's cekur not temulawak.. u can eat the daun with steaming hot nasi .. emm ., nice


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