Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Oh! Spring

I cannot wait for spring to be here. The garden center sent a letter for me to pick up the garden passes. The price stay the same as the last year. Another season of growing is coming soon. I am excited. I think I had enough with this depressing, muggy, cloudy and cold season.
Before spring is here, the snow came down on Tuesday. We received about 6 inches of snow. This is normal for this area. Snow might fall up until end of March. I have a lot of activities plan for this weekend. Today I am preping for another round of colonoscopy. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow. On Saturday, my MIL and I will be attending a health conference and then on Sunday I have a date with my colleague at the Garden show.
I have my packets of seeds ready for planting. This set was sent by my friend. It was very thoughtful of her.

I have sprouted the cherry tomato and the eggplants. I need to find a bright light so this young seedlings are not leggy. I hope they will survive until spring.

Previous experience on colonoscopy.
I came out from my colonoscopy procedure feeling good. No pain at all. In fact, I feel very hungry. After all are done, honey promise to treat me with a big dinner. But somehow he changed his mind. He offered me 2 choices. One either we have subs sandwich or second fried chicken for dinner. Being so hungry, I picked the second which I really regret after that because the fried chicken make me sick. I should just have a light meal.

Let me tell you how the whole procedure and the preparation were. On the prep day, around 9 am, I have to take the 3 laxative pills provided by the doctor’s office. The whole day I cannot eat any solid food. I can drink any water as long as it does not have red or purple dye. Honey bought for me diet seven up and white grape juice. We also went to the Islamic grocery store on Steelton to buy jelly. I can only have lime jelly. Then we went to the pharmacy to buy the phosphor soda. We bought 2 bottles of 1.5 oz of this laxative.

At 2 pm and 5 pm I will have to drink this laxative. The first time I drank it, I mixed it with plain water. It tasted awful. The soda was very salty and yucky. At 5 pm, I thought I better mix it with other drink and pick the wrong kind. I mix it with chicken broth. It was really a big mistake. The taste was so bad that I want to vomit. After drinking this soda, I had runs. That is good. It means my colon is clear and I am ready for the procedure. I had green runs after eating the lime jelly. LOL.

I cannot eat or drink after midnight. My stomach was empty but I do not feel hungry at all. In fact, I drink too little water that I still have green runs from the lime jelly.

On the day of the procedure, honey and I went to the hospital around 10 am. By 11 am I was ready for my procedure. The nurse used the smaller vein in my arm for the IV that it hurt so much. Often time I had to move my arm to make the pain a little less.

I swear I was already out of anesthesia when they pushed me back into my recovery room. After passing gas, then only they let me out. The doctor said my colon is fine but he is worry about the result of the CAT scan. I had to run to another hospital for blood work.

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yeah....spring will be such a welcome! Happy planting!


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