Saturday, February 19, 2011

Horror Story

Honey called, he said he has arrived at the airport. I feel sad because I will be alone for a week. His job sent him there. I walked down to the lower level of the house. That is what I always like to do. When I am alone in the house, I thought, I would go to every room. The room was huge. I said to myself that I could make the room as the master bedroom. But mom was in there. She had just finished her prayer and put away the prayer clothes. I was puzzled, mom…aren’t you…?
Well, my heart then said, let this moment be my best moment with her.
I hugged her. She was real.
“I am going to cook something. Would you like to eat?” I asked.
Mom did not say anything. She just smiled at me. She was beautiful as ever and look very young.
“I will fry some banana and potato.”
I went back upstairs to the kitchen.
My brother and my sisters are fighting over the tv channels.
The wind was blowing so hard outside. I thought the house doors and windows are going to blown away.
Through the window, I see my herb pots. They seem not to be affected by the heavy wind.

After frying the banana and potato, we all sat together and watch the TV. We all love fried banana.
Mom wants to go out. I took her to the grocery store and the nursery. She bought lots of flower plants.

When we arrived home, mom quickly went to the neighbor’s house with a pot of flowers.
I said to mom to come back home because of the heavy wind. I watched her rang the door bell. I hope mom didn’t do anything that will scare the neighbor. I quickly went over to the neighbor’s house to tell her that I gave the flower.

The neighbor was a nice malay woman. She lives with her husband and 3 young children. I told her that I wish I had the same front porch at my house. She is new to the neighborhood. The family who used to live there was Caucasian with 2 kids. She thanked me for the flowers.

Mom and I went inside our house with all the groceries. I heard people were talking about me on the street. They said I am talking to myself. I am a little worried because I was not talking to myself. I was talking to my sisters, brother and my mom. Can’t they see them?

From the balcony at the back of my kitchen, I can see the neighbor’s kitchen.
I saw one of the neighbor’s children was playing on her wooden horse at their balcony. She saw me smiling at her and she screamed “There are ghosts in that house!”

I woke up…the clock showed 4:00PM. This dream came from watching an Indonesian horror movie titled Di Sini Ada Setan (Satan is here)before my afternoon nap.

Have a great weekend!

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