Monday, February 07, 2011

Crosstabs - hate it

Weeks have gone by since I last wrote in this site. People say time flies when you have a good time.
I have been doing well so far in this cold weather, cleaning the house and cooking for the  family. Although I would like to add crocheting or knitting to the list. Maybe if I keep staring at the art and craft books I will fine the zone.

A bit TMI on this paragraph. The issue of Athlete foot or just dry skin? That is the question. During winter my skin gets really dry. Every time after shower and after solah, I must reapply and slathering my skin with lotion. The driest part of my akin is on my feet. When it itch I will scrath them and peel them off which sometimes leaving a raw skin. If I scratch it harder it sometimes bleed. I have asked my dr and all he said was to apply Vaseline or eucerin lotion. I have tried both but the problem never goes away. In the end I asked for a referral to see podiatriest, a foot doctor. I have yet to scheduled an appointment. I hope the foot specialist will solve my problem.

In the reader digest this month, article on how to succeed at life caught my attention. I can relate myself to the author point on number 4- remember to be humble.
"... When we see people acting in an abusive, arrogant, or demeaning manner toward others, their behaviour almost always is a symptom of their lack of self- esteem. They need to put someone else down to feel good about themselves."
The bottom line on happiness by Clayton m. Christensen is an article worth spending times to read.

The snow came down once a week. I don't mind having 2 inches of snow on the ground. My car can ran through it effortless. But I have to slow down because of the school bus in front of me was taking extra precaution running down the hill in a super slow rate.

Every month almost all magazine at the stand will discuss on dieting. They showcase a sharp and crispy pictures of the food that make me drooling and thought oh! It is ok to eat noodle or rice with meat or vegetables. That make me think that my cooking at home is right. But after 4 weeks I still didn't lose weight like what the magazine tells me. The problem is as I see it is that the magazine didn't show the exact of 1 cup of the food that I am suppose to eat. I then decided to start my own dieting plan. That is all I can eat diet.

I am happy to serve my mom yet another home cooked meal although for a split second in my dream that is. I know at least mom is with me.
Honey said " when did you ever make ice crem?"
My response was "I can cook or make anything I wish for in my dream. The type of food is limitless."
A big grin here.

It was funny watching a movie on YouTube. I like it now to watch it on ipad. It take up less time to load. During the day I can watch the scary Indonesian kuntilanak movies and at night I will watch drama.

My head is spinning looking at the legacy access application for crosstabs. I need to programmatically create a dynamic crosstabs and feed the results in a report. I wish I am working with oracle tool. This access is a piece of mess.

Last night was superbowl Sunday and was the second time my house door bell rang and no one was at the door. Honey try to scare me and asked if the shoe prints I saw on the snow are from the German army, American or the British army. None of that of course.  The prints are the size of small kids shoes. The kid probably took a walk while the adults were in front of the tv drinking and making lots of noices. Wait until we have our crime camera set up and this kid will not get away from us.

I would like to believe that mom and dad come to the house. It would be fun if they too could join us watching superbowl and eating murphy's cook. Murphy said I should use a spray to catch any shadow. Not!

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