Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the video

I was watching a movie titled Bersalji di Kuala Lumpur last night and at the same time snow was coming down in my neighborhood. The movie was light and perfect for me to unwind. I remember when I was younger, I always wonder if Kuala Lumpur will ever had snow. At that time I thought the world might come to an end.
I have brought the snow blower to the front of the house for easy access. Every time when there is snow sticking on the ground, I need to shovel  the path walk.
I didn't use the snow blower this time. I came home from work and the snow on the ground is still soft. Oh!Boy! My back hurt like crazy. I have not shoveling snow for a long time.
How to convert a pivot table in excel into regular table? That is the question I had at work today. The suggestions I found did not work in my case. In the end, I changed the data manually. It took me just a few minutes to do it. But I am still not satisfied with the method.

Ada Ubi Ada Batas, that is the movie I am watching now. They are all good actors and actresses. I enjoyed watching this show.
Today's dinner will be the same as last night, that is rice, salmon and sambal petai for me.


Cat Cat said...

nom nom nom nom... sambal petai = tambah nasi 2X wei.

Zue Murphy said...

Cat Cat, mouth wash and Glade (for the toilet) in action!


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