Sunday, January 09, 2011


Bliss…is my word to describe how I feel today. Yes, today is Sunday and it has been heaven. There is about an inch or two inches of snow on the ground. I woke up as early as 6 am and by 8 am I have finished cooking my favorite spaghetti goreng, the asian style. Hop over to for the recipe. I use jumbo shrimp to flavor the dish. A bliss day is when I found Pontianak Menjerit Movie online. It is a good comedy film. I love Ziana Zain and Shiela Rusly acting in that movie.
I am still able to dust the house while my ipad is playing the show. At the same time I had the tv on the food channel. I have not seen Giada, Nigela, Brian, and Rachael Ray etc. for a long time. This is really a bliss day.

I am missing Adam and Amira already. It was a great week spending time with my niece and nephew. Everytime Adam say “Oncle Murpy”, Mupy will say back to him “Yes, nephew”
Adam will then said, “I am Adam. I am not nepew”
He is 3+ and yet to understand the word nephew.
He looks like a pro when he is playing game or watching video on his ipad. His tiny fingers are cute and moving so fast on the screen. He knows how to search for the next video.

The three of us were hooked on our ipad and laptop. Honey is testing the new Rebel. He should have taken our picture in one frame.

A serious face. Is the stock up or down?
Near the eye.
Adam is happy...
Amira is a doll as usual. She did well on her first day ice skating.
She keeps going. She said she only fell one time. I have missed that scene.
The rebel's battery went dead. So these pictures were taken using my camera.
Fly away...
The ice skating training was for half an hour. After the class, we had a great seafood dinner. Hop over to for the pictures of the food.

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