Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Beginning of the year 2011

2010 went by so quickly. I have not updating this blog for quite sometimes. It was actually before Thanksgiving to be exact. I had a great turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day. The meal is featured in site. Came the cold weather and like a clock, my body is adjusting to the chilly day and freezing night. The best of all was the heavenly shopping spree I did before the Christmas. Going through rack after rack of clothing at the shopping mall, it got me to thinking that I don’t really need any addition to my wardrobe. But when I get to the fine fabric area, I feel the need to spend my good money on those soft and warm sweaters. I was strolling around Mark & Spencer and saw a matching glove at 50% off. I was tempted to buy one pair of glove but I could not remember the color of my sweaters to go with.
Although the day is shorter these days, but my night has been very long. For some reason, I am hooked at watching Astro Ria, layaria, Indonesia scary movie, thai love story movies and what not on youtube. Whoever invented youtube is a genius and life saver. If I am watching the video on my small laptop, I can plug in the head phones so it will not disturb anyone. But when I am on ipad, I have no choice but to let the noise comes out of it. I have no time to check if there is a headphone jack on the ipad. My time is so limited these days.
My SIL sent a cooking book by Rachael Ray and I have yet to try any of the recipes from the book. The cooking book should motivate me to cook more and feature my cooking in my Unfortunately, I have yet to find the mood for it. I have been cooking a simple meal for the family. One day, I hope I will be back in the cooking zone. Right now, like my honey said…She’s on the VIDEO…On the VIDEO.

To cook delicious food is listed as one of my new year’s resolution. My biggest challenge is again probably had to cook two separate dishes. One dish is cook to feature in my site and the other dish is cook to my family liking. Finding the time to do it is another challenge. I have faith that I can do both.

I am back in the mood for leggings, jeggings and everything fashion around tight figure hugging outfit. It was so funny that I had to send back the ankle length winter bubble jacket. The jacket was too tight and I had to ask for one size bigger. But I don’t mind having one size bigger as long as I can breathe. My next year’s project is to own a soft synthetic fur coat. But honey thought it will look awful to wear fake fur, especially if I walk around Harrods or Macy’s. I would rather wear fake fur than having paint sprayed on my coat.

Although it is a little bit late, but it is better late than never. I am wishing a Happy New Year to my readers and may the year 2011 brought happiness and wealth to all.


Yati Harvey said...

Happy New Year too...bila dah balik nanti cerita lah....

Lizzy said...

Happy new year to you to Kak Zu. :-)

Zue Murphy said...

Yati, I called but your machine picked up. I will try again this evening.

Lizzy, thanks. Happy new year to you too.


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