Sunday, May 07, 2017

Invasion of mints and sunchokes

The vegetables garden is doing well. I was not able to work in the garden for a week now due to the rain. The soil is too wet for me to work on. However, the peas have sprouted, as well as the beans, lettuces, radishes, beets, carrots, and kohlrabi. I jump start the growth by planting established plants of tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplants, red cabbages, and Brussel sprouts. Thanks to Karns for selling the plants at a cheapest price, 25 cents a plant. I went overboard and bought 48 of tomatoes and hot peppers. All the tomatoes plants are in the ground now and I have a few more hot peppers ready to be planted.

My vegetable garden, which I rented from the county has been invaded with lots of mint and sunchokes plants. I don’t mind the mint plants growing everywhere in the garden because they are companion to almost all of the other vegetables I am growing. I use mint leaves in almost everything. I like it in my coffee, in my tea and in my cooking. If the mint is growing in the area where I need to put other plant, I just chopped it or pull it out. I do not worry if I do not have enough mint. Mint can grow from a small piece of roots. They are easy to grow and less maintenance.


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