Sunday, November 06, 2016

November month...

This website is really having cobwebs written all over it. The last time I wrote was in June. Imagine that. Well, I am back on writing. I guess when I have to write my school reports, might as well I write to my readers. The last class was interesting. I learned how to identify people’s behavior, how to bring different personalities into consensus, so on and so forth. The techniques are not hard to implement but the success rate might be low. It is all depend on how other people’s perspective, upbringing, life styles, etc. I was at a Cancer Institute program yesterday. The talk for the day was on colon cancer. It is very important to pick the diet. Some food might not look harmful but may create another genetic mutation that could lead to poisonous and lethal viruses. Exercise is very important and can help the food processing efficiently and healthily in the stomach. Lastly, the key point is to go for doctor’s checkup. This month is Thanksgiving month and I am looking forward to the good food and good family gathering.

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