Sunday, April 12, 2015

Curry Leaves Plant Update

Last year I have sowed the seeds of the curry leaves plant. Today, I repotted them in a bigger container.
 There are about six plants sprouted. I might get another 2 more if the seedlings survived. You can read on my previous post on the seeds I started. During winter, I have the seedlings tucked inside the Ziploc bag. Once a month I check on the plant to make sure they are not dry.
 The weather is better today. We get about 40 to 50 degree F. I don't think the baby curry leaves plants need the zip loc bag. They look healthy. The curry leaves plants are moving from a 2-inch pot into a 4-inch pot. The root of these plants are very good. Some roots are long and spiral or stringy. I could as well transplant them in a 6-inch container.
 I used a piece of paper towel to cover the hole at the bottom of the container. I am using the miracle gro potting soil mixed with some perlite. I find these soil less mixture provide better health to the root.
 Since the weather was very nice this morning, I go ahead transplanting the babies from this mother plant into their individual pot.
 There are too many baby plants at the base of this curry leaves plant.
 Those babies I pulled that do not have the root went into the glass jar with some warm water. I hope they will develop the root in the water.
 The baby curry leaves plants that has some roots are transplanted into their individual container. I am using an empty 2liter soda bottle for the container. I made some small holes at the bottom of the bottle for drainage and removed the top part since the plant is too tall and not needed moisture.
I left a few babies at the base of the mother plant so that she will not get lonely. I also did a drastic pruning to the top of the plant. This pruning is needed for the plant to produce more branches and more healthy leaves for harvesting.

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