Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seeds for 2015

Once again, another year of growing season is about to begin. Although there is snow everywhere at this moment, I know I will have a very good summer time. I have visited the store and bought some seeds. I have carrots, beets, string beans, zucchini, peas, lavender, romaine lettuce, radishes, peppers and swiss chard. I also have some old seeds that might still viable like tomatillo, eggplants, sun flowers and spinach.

There is no special plant I am adding to the garden this year. I am planning to grow regular plants I normally grow each year. Last year, I have tried growing Roselle, a tropical plant. I found out that the plant requires longer time to mature and produce fruits. With the shorter summer time here, the plant did not give me any fruit. However, I am happy to consume the sour taste of the leaves. I still have the left over seeds and will plant them this year.

Brussels sprout and the purple cabbage did very well last year. I may try them again this year. I will use the same method I did, that is to use a row cover. It will keep the butterfly away from laying their eggs on the plants.

I have sketched the layout for the garden. I am rotating the 4 quadrants of Heavy feeder, Light feeder, Medium feeder and Soil Amendments. I have started this method since last year. It is said that this method will keep the bugs at bay and improve the soil fertility.

Another technique I try last year was to create a trench and bury food scrap in it. This method is also to help boosting the soil.

I have been collecting a lot of the empty soda bottles throughout winter. I am planning to use the soda bottle to cover the young plants. The soda bottle will protect plants from wind damage and cut worm. This technique has been working great in the past. I will continue doing this.

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