Saturday, September 06, 2014

Purple Cabbage

You will never belief what I've found in my garden. A very successful growing of the Purple Cabbage. I was amazed at the beauty of these plants.
I was never success in the past on growing cabbage. The cabbage worm will get to it in a jiffy. I am using the same technique I used on the Brussels sprouts to these purple cabbage. I used a small board at the base of the plant to prevent cutworm.
I was using a cloth to cover over the top of these plants. Again, this method is used to prevent the butterfly to lay their eggs and later the egg will hatch and turn into worm that feasting on the leaves. If they cannot lay their eggs, then there will be less worm for me to take care off. On top of that, I was using Epsom salt and miracle gro to boost their roots and growth. I used insect repellant to strongly keeping the bugs away.
This method seems to work beautifully. I will use this method again for the next season. I washed the cloth with bleach. I will reuse the material since it has proven to be working. I am going to wait until early frost or until the cabbages are bigger before I harvesting them.

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