Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carolina Gold Tomato

The first time I tasted this Carolina gold tomato, I fell in love with it. The tomato is sweet and less acidic. It tasted refreshing and I could eat the whole bowl.
Earlier when I started growing the plant, I gave them some protection. You can read how I protect the plant. It was rewarding. As the plant grow bigger I gave them support.

Lovely. The tomato plant was getting some Epsom salt and miraclegro once a week. I also use the insect repellant to prevent bugs and bad insects.
I cut off the old leaves occasionally or whenever I have the time to do it. I am letting the nature most of the time to water the plants.
Every year I am getting lots of tomato. If I keep my method the same, I should get a load. One thing I have to remember is to rotate the location each year where I planted the plant. This way I do not keep the same bugs at the same location.

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