Friday, May 02, 2014

Scenery in Dubai...

 It was a long trip for me, but I am happy to see my siblings. My brother and my sisters flew from Malaysia to Dubai. Anita and I flew from UK. Dubai was a bit hotter at this time but the scenery are so beautiful. We stayed in the 46th floor apartment and above picture was the view from our living room. I can see the Palm of Jumeira on the right.
 The mosque in Dubai.
 A quick stop at Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai.
 Beautiful building in Dubai.
 Anita and I.
 My little brother and I.
At Anita's house in UK. Ida cooked such a delicious nasi lemak. She used the banana leaves to serve the rice. My favorite dish was the sambal paru. She brought it all the way from Malaysia. It was really a nice treat. Yummy!!

Stay tuned for more pictures.

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