Monday, May 05, 2014

Family ties...

 Just 5 of us. We are very close to each other.
 This was the best time to meet. The weather in Dubai was not too hot. It was breezy. But night time was so busy. Traffic was the worst ever.
 We were at the Burj Al Arab. The food was delicious. The interior design of the building was superb.
 The apartment we stayed at.
 Priceless...I am the eldest yet...the shortest...emmm...
 The 5 siblings. I hope mom and dad are watching us from heaven. They must have a big smile to see us together like this.
 My brother in law, Zaini also joined us on this trip. We all have a great time.
 Posing and posing...
Anita's new front yard is ready for viewing. The fountain is flowing non stop all day. At night it was beautiful with colorful lights. Lovely!

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