Sunday, August 25, 2013

Plants Ready for Cold Weather

The night temperature has been dropping to the 50's F. It is getting too cold for some of my warm weather plants. I usually clean or spray the plant before I brought them inside the house.
 Above picture is the curry leaf plant. This tropical plant is very sensitive to cold weather. The plant has been growing beautifully through the summer. For some reason, the weather should not have changed yet since it is only in August. Normally, August is the hottest weather of all in the year. This year, however, it doesn't feel hot at all.
 Here is the Celeste Fig tree that I grew from a cutting given by my friend. As I expected, this fig tree did not bear any fruit. It normally, needed a second year branch to produce fruits. I am hoping for next year, this tree will yield some fruits for me. Unlike the curry leaf plant, this fig tree will be kept under the porch, covered with burlap over the winter.
 This is my Chicago Hardy fig tree. This plant is bearing about 20 fruits thus far. 2 of the fruits will be ready for me soon. I will keep the plant under the porch as I did last year.
 The Chicago Hardy fig tree after I trimmed the leaves.
Now I can see the fruits clearly. I hope I can taste them before frost.
The two blue pots in the picture above, are the thyme. I have trimmed them and keep the thyme in the freezer. I love the fragrant of the thyme. They are tasty on the chicken or on beef.

I have a few more plants that are ready to go inside the house like the turmeric plants. I was shocked to see them sprouting beautifully in the garden. For the past few weeks I did not see them at all and I almost gave up on them. They just suddenly popped up.
 Here they are! All 4 plants came up to the surface. I was thrilled.
I dug them up. I added some water to the plants since I have to shop before I can transfer them in their pots. I bought potting soil with moisture control so that the plants can survive over the winter. In the past, I have a tendency of drowning my indoor plants. Since this turmeric plants are taking super long time to sprout, I better give this plant my devoted attention.
Four pots of the turmeric plants are now ready to stay inside the house.

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