Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Raya Celebration 2011

As soon as I arrived at Anita's house, I asked Anita to take me to David’s new vegetables garden. He grows tomato, cucumber, beans, zucchini, rhubarb, strawberry, blackberry, lettuce, radish, etc. I have never seen such a beautiful homegrown radishes. For the past 10 years I have been trying to grow radish. I got only 2 or 3 radishes to none each year.
I really enjoy picking the blackberries. Some are a bit sour but most are sweet. David also grows bunga telang. I picked some to bring back. I told my sister the blue flower of the sweet pea can be used in making the nasi kerabu.

The takbir we had at the end of the Ramadan was really touchy. All the time I was thinking of my mom and dad. May their souls rest in peace. I captured a video but I don't have sound. I found out today that my camera doesn’t have a good microphone. It was a poor investment. I didn’t forget to tell Murph that it is about time for a new ipad, ipod and blackberry too besides the camera. Technology changes so fast that it is expensive to keep up.

Then we had our last breaking fast meal for the year. We were blessed with so much food. There were satay, lontong, briyani rice with dalca, cendol, cookies, fried chicken, serunding, etc for everyone to enjoy.

The night ended with a spectacular shower of fireworks. We had to stood far, outside the fence for our safety. The fireworks were superb. I am glad no cops came. The loud thump reminded me of meriam buluh at kampong.

The first day of raya was really happening. I put on my new raya dress but it was too big for me. But I don’t mind. All I could think off was to have fun and to eat. No more fasting. I always travel light and so I didn't bring my makeup kit. I was in my natural beauty most of the time. I don't share comb and was lazy to dig in my suitcase for my brush, and again, I walked around with my frizzy hair. So many cameras took my picture and some are already published in facebook.
 Adam looking handsome on his first day at school. He is only 4 going on 14.
I continue enjoying my time at Anita’s house. The second day raya we went to London for merdeka- raya celebration at tyt. I didn't expect to see my high school friend. We talked and took pictures. Unfortunately my stay at Anita’s was too short. I couldn't squeeze any time for a drink with her.

I had a good rest on the third day of raya. All the eating and talking was tiring.

On the fourth day, we went to Fazura's house. I ate too much of heavy food that I could hardly open my eyes.  The homemade cendol was delicious.
On Sunday, we went to see Wishn new born baby boy. Again, I ate delicious food cooked by kak Ita. She is a great cook.
I am grateful to my sister and her family for making this year raya aka eid Mubarak an enjoyable event. I was too busy with the event. These past 3 years, Raya was always the most sad day for me. I miss calling mom on the morning of eid. The friends and families at Anita's were amazing. They are friendly and fun to be around with.


ICook4Fun said...

Meriah sungguh your hari raya this year. Met so many people and makan best best lagi. Glad you had a wonderful time with your sister family.

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, thanks. I was glad that it turned out nice.

rapheydhillo said...

meriah le raya k.zue walaupun jauh dr sini. Mine rasanya tak semeriah mcm tahun2 lepas. Agak kelam-kabut sbb kerja kat opis tak habis2.


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