Monday, May 02, 2011

A rock star in the making...

I was amazed at how talkative my baby niece is. She is smart and non stop talking the whole day. She talks about everything. She is helpful, caring and attentive. I just need to say one word, she will continue with a story, a real life story that she experienced from the word I say. I found out that some of the words that she said; she has no clue of the meaning.
She loves to pose. Don't try to make her cry because she can be loud and cry forever. Her favorite movie is the Hantu Kak Limah balik rumah. She loves to sing the enjit enjit semut song from that movie.
She will stop everyone from talking if she needs to passes gas. And I will tell her to go to the other room. She will do anything we asked her to do even when Mupy asked her to bring his heavy bag to him. She is so cute. The bag was heavy if she tries to lift. She called me to show her how to roll. I love to hear her talking. She doesn't speak malay well; we call her, "pelat".
She calls her milk bottle "Nonok". That is the first time I ever heard anyone call milk bottle with that name. It sounds a bit gross to me. Some of the names given are like "susu", "nyonyot", "Chu chu", etc. But this one is different.
I am missing all of my nieces and nephews already. As usual, no one is allowed to lose weight when "balek kampong". Stay tuned for more food pictures in my cooking site. Above picture is me enjoying the delicious satay and mee bandung. I craved for mee rebus but they do not have it at that time.


mazia said...

Zue, masa bila u makan satey niii? Balik M'sia tak beritahu kami yee..

mazia said...

Zue, kat mn U makan satey niii..?

Zue Murphy said...

Mazia, alahai! Sorri la kawan, terlupa nak habaq... ni i makan satay kat BP, tepi sungai. Memang best makanannya.


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