Sunday, December 06, 2015

Happy Holidays!

I know that I have not update my news in this site for such a long time. Things are busy around the house, work and holidays. I had a new unit added in the house to heat and to cool each rooms. Things had to be moved from location to another to allow the contractor to do their work. After the installation, I had to clean all the dust and move back the furniture.

I still didn't get the time today to light up the house for Christmas. I have bought the star lights but has yet to set it up in the front yard. I will probably do it tomorrow. Everyone was anxious to see the lights.

Today, I was using my muscle to unscrew the nuts from the flat tire of the treller. I had to take a break each time I turn the screw. It was too tight that I had to crank it up with my foot. I probably will buy a new tire instead of trying to fill the tire with air. The tire is about 20 years old.

Finally, I found the red dress that I can fit in and look nice for me to celebrate Christmas this year. I cannot wait to wear it. I will be seeing all of my family on Christmas. I request everyone to wear red outfit. We will take a big family picture.

Sometimes, I feel like I could be generous for the holidays, however, I have lots of obligations. It is really hard to make a decision. There are consequences after the fact. Whatever action I took today may haunted me in future.

Happy holiday!

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