Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ramadan 2015

I feel like I have not been writing for so long. It has been hectic at work as well as on my personal life. Being a care provider was a challenge and I am glad my one demanding and fussy patient is recovering well. However, it feels like the job to care for the patient’s need is never ending. There are times I just wanted to scream out loud or to just drop everything that I was doing. Luckily, I have faith and patience and just moved on. Every day I have to make sure that my patient take his medications. I have to make sure the food I serve has the fibers and nutrients my patient needed.

I am fasting during the holy month in Islamic calendar, Ramadan starting on June 18th. The hours to fast this time are very long. In my neighborhood, it starts from 4 am and end around 8:40pm. By 6:30 pm I started to feel weak. I can handle not eating any solid food for a day but not without drinking any water. I keep reminding myself how the poor feel when they do not have any food to eat. Life is hard. I am very grateful with what I have.

The best part of observing Ramadan is the celebration at the end of the Ramadan month, Syawal. I can eat lots of good food. It was a victory after a hardship during the fasting month.
The vegetables in the garden are growing well. They have been getting a lot of rain water. I could not go to the garden today since it was raining from morning. Working in the garden with wet soil is never fun. I hope tomorrow's weather will be better.
My friends invite me to their house for breaking fast dinner. I try my best to go. It was fun to meet them and enjoy lots of Asian food. Unfortunately, I cannot stay for terawih prayer since dinner start around 9 pm.
Yesterday, I went to the departmental store looking for a nice dress. But I did not find any that I like. Today, I decided to cut and sewn my dress. I have a few fabric that I could use. It will be fun to use the sewing machine this weekend. The weather is not as hot as in the past. I can stay in the house without air conditioner and work on my sewing.
Happy weekend!

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