Saturday, October 11, 2014

Curry Leaves Plant Seeds

My good friend Gert sent these berries of the curry leaves plant. I am very excited to grow these seeds. The berries have a sweet taste with a strong curry leaves smells. I soaked the seeds for couple of hours and planted them in a potting soil mix with some perlite. I moistened the soil. Following Gert's instruction, I then placed them in a zip lock plastic bag to retain moisture. It has been 2weeks now an I only see tiny green leaves. I couldn't take their picture since they are so tiny and might not show up on camera. I will update you when the plant mature. I have counted the seeds. I have about 21 seeds and am anxious to see how many of them will germinate.
The picture above is the curry leaves plant producing more babies at the base even after I have prune them last year. I will prune them again soon.

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