Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time to meet the family

Despite all the things that has hapened around me, I am very excited to see my family. I have to abandon my vegetable garden for a few weeks. I did pick some of the green tomatoes and give them to my mother in law. Green tomatoes are delicious when it cooked on a pan with some butter, salt and pepper.

I do have the brussel sprout growing wonderfully. I hope they will survive the summer without my TLC. The lettuces are about to bolt due to the heat. But they are still nicely growing. I am sure the leaves are good cook in noodle or rice.

The roselle are growing nicely. I cannot wait to see the flowers and the fruits. I will get a sweet surprise when I got back from my vacation.

The plants around the house and inside the house will have to learn to grow without me. I don't have anyone who I can rely on to water them besides the nature.

To all the muslims reader, I am wishing you happy ramadan, enjoy your eid celebration with your love one.

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