Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peas Radishes and Mint

I love mint. This herb is good in my tea or in my cooking. I grew just one plant last year and here they came back in the garden. I love the minty smell when I walk around the garden. They are welcome to take over my garden if they like. I would rather have them in there than the weeds.
 My number one plant that I must grow in the garden s my sugar snap peas. This year, I am growing just 2 rows peas. 3 rows are too much I guess. I just want to enjoy every last bit of them. They are delicious steam or raw. I mulch them with a layer of newspaper.
 Radishes are suppose to be an easy grower. But in my garden, it could be tricky. Just because the weather can get very dry and hot.

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