Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mantis Rototiller

This was the best Mother's Day present I have ever received. I've tried this rototiller on friday and fall in love with it. The machine is lightweight, easy to start and easy to handle. The first thing I have to do is to go to the gas station and buy 1 gallon of gas. I have to mix the gas with the machine's oil that came in the Mantis package. The handle of this machine can bend and easier to store and carry to the car.

Swirl the gas mixture a few times. Fill in the gas into the gas container on the Mantis machine. Turn the switch to 1. Pull the choke out. Then press the rubber button at least 6 times to let the gas flowing into the machine. Then I give the machine a few strokes until it cough. Close the choke. Lastly, I give the machine a few strokes until the machine start. Let the machine run for a couple of minutes before I turn the throttle on. 

The machine sometimes jump especially on the hard surface. But after a while, as the soil is loosen, the machine works wonder. My weeding time will be cut into half with this machine.

I am one happy gardener. Have a great weekend!

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