Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready for Fall

For some reason, I am feeling really tired these past few weeks. But I do need to clean my garden. The weather is getting colder at night and sometimes during the day. Vegetables have stop growing but for some they are still growing. After breakfast this morning, I went to the garden. I removed the fences I used for the tomato and the peas. I can reuse them for next growing season.
My Raya meal  is over. I refuse several open house invitations this weekend. I need to recharge my energy.

Honey cook this simple meal for our dinner last night. He steamed the lobster tail and the corn. And then he rolled the corn in melted butter.
Can you see the green hornworm between the tomato? The worm is skinny but enough to gross me out.
This area used to be the potato patch. There are no weeds or grass growing in this area after I removed the potato.
I am the only gardener today. The temperature went up towards noon. I managed to clear half of the area.
The long string beans still growing but the beans are not edible.
I found this butternut among the grass and tall weeds. Murphy keep asking,
"How many did you get from how much of the price for the seeds?"
I brought into the house the kaffir lime tree and the curry leaf plant since the temperature at night drop to 40 degree F.
I thought having this one butternut squash is not bad although I was hoping for more.
My baju raya.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Gardening work is never done. Glad you're able to enjoy some harvest. My long beans are doing well and have given some away too. Hope you 're feeling better.

~ Mummy Gee ~ said...

cantik nye baju raya u zue... anyway.. selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin...

Yati Harvey said...


I pun kena clear the garden. Satu bulan tak tengok!
Baju raya you cantik...I nak tempias sikit lah semangat menjahit you...hahaha.
Cantaloupe I berbuah SATU n tasteless.You win some you lose some...nanti kita sembang lagi ek.

Zue Murphy said...

Keats The Sunshine Girl, It is true that gardening work never finish. Thanks, I hope this fall will give me better health. I am glad that your long beans are doing well.

`Mummy Gee~, Thanks. Selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin to you too. Meriah nampaknya you beraya di kampong.

Yati Harvey, I am sending you all the jahit menjahit dust. At least dapat juga you canteloupe satu. Kalau tawar, campur dalam rojak buah aje. Baru ada kick. :-)


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